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Patrick's Geneaology Page

Welcome to my geneaology page! I love to study the history of my family. The families I am researching are as follows:
Laws Morrissey(Morrissey) Hermann
Berg O'Neill Gibbons Beauchamp Marcotte Yarbrough Lally
Cadwell Prehler Hammond

I have updated this page slightly, but those of you researching the Marcotte family will be very pleased! You will notice a new link below. This links you to Michael Marcotte's geneaology page, which is the best Marcotte geneaology available anywhere. Michael has research going back to the Marcotte ancestral home in Fecamp, France about 1600. I hope you find that we are distant cousins! Good luck!

Soon I will be adding the basic biographical information about many of the individuals whom I am researching. If you have information, or desire information regarding any of these families or individuals, please don't hesitate to contact me. Perhaps we can help each other!

I will hopefully be adding to this list of ancestors/relatives soon!

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Patrick Laws

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